Montenegro wine tour

Wines and wineries: Montenegro wine tour Montenegro is said to be a wine lover’s paradise, and it is true, there are wines and grape varieties that cannot be found in the world. Indeed, Montenegro has the largest vineyard in Europe: 11.5 million vines covering an area of 2,300 hectares 30 km from the Adriatic Sea. […]

Slow food in Montenegro

Slow food: a sustainable and ethical choice Slow food is linked to an international cultural movement that originated in Italy in 1986 and then expanded in the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Australia, to transform itself into a large international non-profit association. With the commitment to restore the right value to food, respecting those who […]

How to choose a sustainable hotel in 2021

What a sustainable hotel really is in 2021? If the latest trends confirm that sustainable tourism is on the rise, the choice of an “eco hotel” is always at the center of the attention of tourists who are aware and respectful of the environment. In particular, this trend also affects the younger generations who today […]