Montenegro: a strategy for sustainable development until 2030

Montenegro sustainable development and green economy First ecological state in the world, Montenegro was, on 7 July 2016, one of the first countries of South Eastern Europe – and one of the first member countries of the United Nations – to define the strategic and institutional framework for sustainable development , in accordance with standards […]

Sustainable and archaeological diving routes in Montenegro

BlueMed Plus accessible underwater cultural heritage sites in Montenegro BlueMed PLUS, the project for more sustainable and innovative underwater archaeological diving routes to enhance and protect the underwater heritage – raising awareness – is a model developed by Unical researchers (University of Calabria – Italy) which has already been tested in Calabria, Greece and Croatia […]

Emerald Garden, Podgorica, Montenegro

Emerald Garden, Podgorica, Montenegro: a new way of living Emerald Garden, in Podgorica, Montenegro, is a project that represents the new way of living in the contemporary world. This new energy-efficient building arises from the need to make up for the lack of comfortable structures combined with cutting-edge technology and designed according to the principles […]

Travel in Montenegro

Travel: 10 beautiful places in Montenegro This is a small guide to the 10 places not to be missed in Montenegro, a country that has one of the most incredible natural landscapes in Europe, with an area of 14,000 kmĀ² and a coastline of over 200 km, almost 3 kilometers long. Along the coast, not […]

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Vision 2030 and NEOM

Saudi Arabia and sustainable living: NEOM, the smart city of the future Saudi Arabia focuses on green and environmental sustainability: Saudi Vision 2030 is an ambitious strategic plan aimed at transforming the Saudi economy to reduce its dependence on oil. But not only. Two other initiatives, announced by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed […]