Montenegro for a weekend

Montenegro for a weekend: what to do and where to stay Spending a weekend in Montenegro means choosing between beautiful Adriatic beaches, spectacular mountains and many historical villages that  tell us the story and heritage of Roman, Venetian and Byzantine invaders. In fact, between the mountains and the beautiful coast, there are fortified cities and […]

TourismMed Plus: sustainable fishing tourism

TourismMed Plus: fishing tourism and sustainable tourism in Montenegro TourismMed Plus is a European project illustrated at the Unimol headquarters in Termoli that aims to implement a sustainable model in the fishing tourism sector also in Montenegro . Unimol teaches and carries out research on a subject whose project seems particularly promising and which integrates […]

Montenegro: the ancient city of Podgorica

Montenegro: the ancient city of Podgorica, what to see and what to do Podgorica, the metropolitan and administrative center of Montenegro is a very old city waiting to be discovered, in this guide we explain what to see and what to do in this town, which, located on the banks of six rivers, has the […]

Travel to Montenegro: 5 tips

Travel to Montenegro: 5 tips every traveler should know A travel to Montenegro is characterized above all by the outdoor life in contact with nature. Thanks to its pristine biodiversity, Montenegro not only has all the potential to become one of the most exclusive exotic destinations of global tourism, but it is one of the […]