Things to do and see in Lake Skadar

Top 10 things to do and see in Lake Skadar (guide part 1) Lake Skadar, Shkodra or Shkodër, on the borders between Montenegro and Albania, is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world: a short distance between Podgorica and Budva, it is a beautiful destination for nature lovers and sustainable tourism. Read also: […]

Cetinje Montenegro

Cetinje: the ancient royal capital of Montenegro The beautiful Cetinje, the ancient royal capital of Montenegro, with its quiet streets, large pedestrian areas, shady parks, ancient palaces and beautiful churches has a lot to offer its travelers. If you are planning a romantic trip to Montenegro or just a business visit, don’t forget to visit […]

Restaurants in Montenegro: guide part 2

Montenegro: the 10 best restaurants guide part 2 Welcome to the second part of our guide to Montenegro and its 10 best restaurants! So, if you intend to organize your trip or even just a weekend in Montenegro, you will certainly not miss some good advice to taste local delicacies, traditional cuisine and organize a […]

Top 10 best restaurants in Montenegro: guide part 1

Montenegro: best restaurants and traditional cuisine The best restaurants in Montenergo have menus based on Mediterranean cuisine, the traditional courses instead are influenced by Italian, Turkish and Balkan cuisine.  Between delicious soups, tasty stews, meat and fresh fish dishes, particularly good in Boka Bay, here are the best restaurants in Montenegro, framed by a fantastic […]