7Hills bike tours in Montenegro

Sustainable Tourism

Bike tours allow you to visit the enchanting places of Montenegro while having fun. Traveling by bicycle, it is possible to reach longer distances than on foot, with the freedom that other transports, such as buses or taxis, cannot give.
The bicycle is also an ecological and economical vehicle: it reduces your carbon footprint, protecting the environment for residents and future travelers and is accessible to anyone who wishes to move in total freedom.

Getting around by bike is also good for health, it helps us to focus on the present and gives us time to explore everything around us, allowing us to immerse ourselves in nature, or to stop and admire a historic town, a small town or a market. The bike tours also allow you to get in touch with the people and the culture of the place, and allow us to go where we want without respecting schedules and times.

So visiting Montenegro by bicycle allows you to reach traditional villages, discover wildlife and hidden treasures, and visit the rocky moors or to the fascinating local castles.

With 7Hills bike tours all this becomes possible, just choose your level of experience and rent a bike between the two types available:

  • Mountain bike.
  • Electric bicycle: 7Hills electric bikes have the assisted driving system – by Ducati Energia technology – integrated inside the wheel.

Bike tours Montenegro: recommended cycling routes

If you have chosen the bicycle as a way to visit the treasures of Montenegro, you just have to choose from all the cycling routes available and the tours organized by 7Hills. Each tour has been designed and created by those who well know the region and the places of historical, cultural and environmental interest.
The paths, located on quiet roads, are also used by residents to move from village to village.

You can also choose between two options:

  • guided tours: the best option if you want to travel in a group and meet other people. Everything is planned, from the hotel to the transfer, from the rental to the support van and luggage transport, from route planning to the guided tour.
  • self-guided tours: more flexible and at a lower cost, it offers more independence but not the support of the van. However, breaks can be arranged by the tour operator, who can arrange scenic stops, restaurants, accommodation and detailed route descriptions.

Among the tours:

  • Podgorica – Zablijak: departing from Podgorica by van and tour of Zablijak and surrounding territories including Black Lake near the city and Durmitor National Park
  • Podgorica – Rijeka Crnojevica: for bird watchers and nature lovers with a visit to local honey producers.
  • Podgorica – Virpazar (via Rijeka Crnojevica): bird watching, visit to local producers. In Virpazar you can choose to dive into the cool waters of Skadar Lake or take a boat tour.
  • Podgorica – Lustica Bay: a path of about 35 km to the beaches of Oblatno and visit to the villages Merdari, Mrkovi, Zalenika.
  • PodgoRica – Danilovgrad (via Centinje): a route of 11 km to the village of Kranji Do and 50 km to Danilovgrad.
  • Podgorica – Kolasin: 11 km to the center of Koalsin, with the possibility of organizing the tasting of local products. The Eco-Katuna facility offers the possibility of horse or jeep rides, climbing and walking.
  • Podgorica – Kotor: visit to the villages Dubovik and Niegusi, famous for being the place of production of the ham of Montenegro.
  • Podgorica – Andrijevica: 25 km from Matesevo and along the Tara River to get to Tresnjevik.

Find out more about 7Hills Bike Tours and check in detail all the guided and self-guided tours on the 7Hills website.