Why tour by bike

Touring by bike is the best way to truly experience the landscape and culture of a region, the unique feature of the land, the smell of flowers, the sound of wildlife, the hidden treasures of small towns.

Choosing to tour by bicycle, you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the destination you visit for future travelers and people who live there. Bike touring allows you to see mountain, valley, river, lake, countryside, seaside all from two wheels and independently from bus tours and car rentals. Take a spin at green travel… tour by bike!

All our bikes, called Free Duck, are electric and powered by Ducati Energia, with assisted riding system with all the technology integrated inside the row wheel.

Choose your trip

Every tour is thoughtfully designed by people who are intimately familiar with the region. Routes sidetrack into small towns and lead you to places of cultural and historical interest. You’ll ride on quiet, winding roads that locals use – for a more enjoyable ride and an authentic view of the cultural landscape. Over the course of your bike tour, you’ll actually be traveling by bicycle – making your way from small village to small village. Many tours include one or more two-night stays, which gives you a chance to rest your legs and explore on your own.

Guided tours

If you enjoy traveling with a group, meeting new people, and having a guide and a structured daily schedule, a guided group bike tour is probably the best fit for you. These bicycle tours provide the convenience of having everything planned out for you: hotels, rental bikes, routes, meals, luggage transfers, sightseeing tours and so on. The guides point out places of interest, organize excursions and activities and are there in case of breakdowns (mechanical or human). Support and personnel vary by tour, but one guide typically rides with the group, while a second guide drives a support van with your luggage. The van also makes it possible to bridge less attractive or more challenging sections of a route. You usually bike in a group of 8 people, typically from several different countries, which makes for new acquaintances and international friendships.

What is included:

Lodging breakfast
Support van
Detailed route planning

Evening dinners
Informed travel guide

Rental bike
Luggage transport form hotel to hotel


Self-guided tours

Become increasingly popular because of the flexibility and independence they offer. Since the cost is lower than a guided tour, they still maintain a level of support and convenience that allow you to explore on your own schedule without sweating the logistics. Self-guided tours don’t mean that you are totally on your own. While you’ll have more flexibility to ride at your own pace and take breaks at your leisure, the tour operator organizes logistics for you (detailed route description, accommodation, scenic stops, restaurants). Unlike guided-tours, self-guided tours do not have accompanying support van.

Which is different?

One day tour