Antivari, Montenegro

Antivari, Montenegro’s hidden hitstorical treasures Let’s discover today the city of Antivari where history and archeology lovers can find some of the hidden treasures in Montenegro. In fact, the Montenegrin territory has been the scene of empires and nations that have alternated over the centuries, leaving an important cultural heritage but also a rich past […]

Montenegro in Winter

Visiting Montenegro in Winter: a mini guide If you are planning to visit Montenegro during the winter, there are countless destinations to visit and things to do. Surely during the winter months the most beautiful places, so all the roads are less busy, this means that there are more opportunities and more time to visit […]

Podgorica sustainable urban design for Public Spaces

Podgorica Montenegro: creative and sustainable urban design for Public Spaces Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, has developed over time through a traditional planning concept: the city’s open public spaces are as important as the city’s architectural objects. The streets of this city are the center of social life, they define the core of the city […]

Montenegro zero-emissions | Martina Hauser

Montenegro: the roadmap for a zero-emissions future | Martina Hauser Montenegro has established the strategic road map for a sustainable and carbon neutral future: with the road map e the Montenegrin government efforts are thus intensified by 2030. Despite contributing only 0.009% of global emissions, Montenegro has the ambition to play a leading role with […]

Lake Skadar Guide part 2

Lake Skadar: 10 things to do and see (guide part 2) This is the second part of our guide on Lake Skadar where we recommend 10 things to do and see in this beautiful tourist area, which during the summer season is one of the alternative destinations to the beach thanks to its clear and […]

Things to do and see in Lake Skadar

Top 10 things to do and see in Lake Skadar (guide part 1) Lake Skadar, Shkodra or Shkodër, on the borders between Montenegro and Albania, is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world: a short distance between Podgorica and Budva, it is a beautiful destination for nature lovers and sustainable tourism. Read also: […]

Cetinje Montenegro

Cetinje: the ancient royal capital of Montenegro The beautiful Cetinje, the ancient royal capital of Montenegro, with its quiet streets, large pedestrian areas, shady parks, ancient palaces and beautiful churches has a lot to offer its travelers. If you are planning a romantic trip to Montenegro or just a business visit, don’t forget to visit […]