Montenegro zero-emissions | Martina Hauser

Montenegro: the roadmap for a zero-emissions future | Martina Hauser Montenegro has established the strategic road map for a sustainable and carbon neutral future: with the road map e the Montenegrin government efforts are thus intensified by 2030. Despite contributing only 0.009% of global emissions, Montenegro has the ambition to play a leading role with […]

Sustainable tourism in Montenegro

Sustainable tourism: a summer of festivals and cultural events in Montenegro Montenegro, the first ecological state in the world, has become one of the most significant destinations for sustainable tourism. In fact, the Montenegrin government strongly supports and promotes a sustainable tourism development, in order to preserve the uncontaminated natural beauty of the area, while […]

Two Cuban refugees find work and a new home in Montenegro

  After fleeing home, pair have embarked on new lives in the ancient town of Perast. The ancient town of Perast, Montenegro, nestled amid mountains by the blue waters of the Bay of Kotor, is an idyllic spot for a hotel, but hotel manager Simona Pulcinelli has a problem: she’s struggling to recruit staff locally. […]

XXIX Theatre City 2015

20 JUNE – 11 AUGUST The Theatre City festival is a cultural event unfolding in summer months in Budva under the auspices of Budva Municipality. From its establishment in 1987 this festival restores the Mediterranean spirit of the Old Town and each of its squares and piazzette, but also of the town parts beyond the […]

Podgorica Cultural Summer

21 JULY – 21 SEPTEMBER Aimed at raising the quality and at further build-up of this extremely important event, efforts will be made towards keeping it international, diverse and featuring best creations from all areas of arts. In order to develop the culture of a city and extend its spiritual frames, it is necessary to […]

Kotor Art

25 JULY – 14 AUGUST Kotor Art international festival will last from the end of June to mid-August Over 200 artists, performers and lecturers will have performed by mid-August through 8 festival segments: Singing Festival of Harmony Bands, Children’s Theatre Festival, Don Branko’s Days of Music, KotorArtTeatar, Kotor APSS, Town Writing, Piazza of Philosopers, and […]

Tivat Cultural Summer – Purgatorije

27 JULY – 15 SEPTEMBER “Tivat Cultural Summer” is a traditional event which lasts from the end of June to the end of August. It consists of a versatile theatrical, musical, literary and artistic programs will be presented. “Tival Cultural Summer” is organized by the local Cultural Centre. news source (text & photos) -

Summer in the Old Royal Capital

25 JULY – 5 SEPTEMBER The Summer in the Old Royal Capital is a programme expected to evolve year by year in terms of richness and diversity, which is an additional challenge for the organisers. Cultural, sport, promotional, entertainment and other events are carefully elaborated and intertwined for this programme, unfolding during the summer season. […]

Gusinje Summer

1 JULY – 31 AUGUST Gusinje Summer is an event comprising all cultural and sport events in Gusinje, under direct auspices of Gusinje residents and Foundation for Gusinje. It takes place in July/August. news source (text & photos) -