Fashion and sustainable craftsmanship in Montenegro
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Fashion and sustainable craftsmanship in Montenegro: Martina Hauser and Mood by 7Hills  – Part one

The new Concept Mood by 7Hills, is a shop in Lustica Bay in Montenegro, born from an idea of Martina Hauser and 7Hills, to promote young Montenegrin and international artists, whose fashion-related creations are inspired by craftsmanship, where natural materials and handmade productions imprint in their works an inspiration for sustainable development.

The intention of Martina Hauser and 7Hills is to encourage communication and participation to protect nature and to raise awareness of what the planet is facing and thus promote actions for its conservation.

In this first part we will present the Mood7Hills store, while an interview with Martina Hauser and her collaborators will follow, who will tell how the idea was born and what its future developments are.

The young artists who today are part of the Concept Mood 7Hills and who exhibit their creations are artists and craftsmen united by the same intent, which is to emphasize the link between sustainability and the world of art, through a multiplicity of subjects and applications. Above all, what emerges is the theme of the use of natural materials and those of the art of reuse.

Among the creations on display are the creations of the Italian fashion artist, Martina Formilli Fendi with Eye of Ray, and the unique garments of the Antica Sartoria Positano, a nautical clothing line by Wild Beauty, the official logo of Montenegro for which 7Hills has acquired the rights. The artistic creations of jewels by ZokZak, Jewelery (Serbia) and Dominiki Jewelery, (Montenegro) enrich the exhibitions of top quality handcrafted productions.


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Handicrafts in Montenegro: Italian and Montenegrin artists

Mood7Hills therefore enhances the work of artisans and artists who make their talent a profession. Let’s get to know some of them more closely along with their fascinating creations.

Eye of Ray, Martina Formilli Fendi, fashion, Italy

Martina Formilli Fendi‘s motto is made up of three words: “reduce, reuse and re-dye”.

Her Eye of Ray project began with the creation of a versatile and sustainable type of clothing, thanks to her two passions, fashion and art. In fact, fashion represents for this artist the canvas on which to paint art and above all the themes of sustainability and respect for the environment.
“The name Eye of Ray has a symbolic meaning: on the one hand the eye that responds to light, color and shape, on the other a ray of light that has the potential to spread by attracting people”.

The idea of Eye of Ray was born during the lockdown, with the aim of rediscovering the contact with nature, the sense of community with people, the intention to explore new worlds and innovative materials including hemp. “A plant with a thousand facets of which nothing is thrown away” says Martina.

Eye of Ray’s creations are unique pieces handmade in Italy: this also means that work is also provided to the locals, “which is a value you cannot put a price on”.

Domiki Jewelery, Montenegro


Olga Fedotova Djurovic uses innovative materials to create her beautiful jewels, including polymer clay, which once modeled and placed in the oven gives rise to unique creations. Its colorful and precious collection is reminiscent of the sea and the sun and summer, every single jewel is handmade and this creates a unique design every time. The rings look like drops of tasty fruit, matched with different corals with unique colors. The earrings below instead recall the shades of fluorite and the scent of lavender fields, in a riot of summer colors.


Among his works there are also flowers, buds and leaves combined in a single brooch with original shapes but also small birds carved and transformed into a jewel made up of a lot of patience, precision and skill!


ZokZak Jewelery, Serbia

ZokZak is an artist full of imagination and creativity: her creations between bags and handmade jewelry, color and femininity dominate, as is the use of various materials that often derive from reuse. Thanks to creative reuse, original creations are born that become particularly chic and elegant accessories.


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The waste materials thus become real jewels and trendy bags whose fabrics are hand painted according to the artisan tradition. The various materials are perfectly blended together, and thanks to the artist’s hand they become original and unique creations, to be worn even every day.


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