Simona PulcinelliSimona Pulcinelli Position: International Affairs and Business Development Advisor

Simona Pulcinelli is in charge of business development, international affairs & partnership, projects coordination, corporate property management, revenue and finance monitoring, human resource, event planning, sales & communication.
After graduation in Foreign Languages, with specialization in sinology, she worked at the Italian Ministry for the Environment for many years in the framework of international cooperation programs. She approached the Balkans the first time in 2008 within the Task Force for Central, Eastern Europe, finalized at political and environmental dialogue in Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia, supporting many projects for sustainable development, in the field of bilateral agreements signed with national authorities.
In this context, she permanently worked in China during the Shanghai World Expo 2010 to promote initiatives on environmental protection, sustainable tourism and urban development, within the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program.
Afterwards, she joined the Task Force for the evaluation of systems and models of production and consumption Environmental Footprint for the assessment of environmental and social footprint of industrial process and products, the identification of mitigation measures and the implementation of low carbon technologies and best practices in a life cycle of goods/services.
At a regional level, she has been involved in the local authority of south Italy to implement activities on environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, air quality, and water resources.

She was responsible for the organization of a multitude of initiatives and communication projects on environmental policy, both at the national and international level, to promote cooperation programs and institutional commitments.

As a hotel manager of one of our properties – Vila Perast, her responsibilities include staff recruitment. Recently, she spoke about refugee life and work opportunities in our company, feel free to check it here

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